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Sinjska alka

If you find yourself in Dalmatia at the beginning of August, do not miss Sinjska alka, one of the most beautiful events that testify to the rich cultural and historical heritage of Croatia. Sinjska Alka is a knightly competition which is being held from the 18th century in memory of the victory against the Turkish army. It has been listed on UNESCO's list of intangible world heritage since 2010. It is being held in Sinj, a town in the Dalmatian hinterland, located about a half-hour drive from Split. Contestants on horses must hit the center of the Alka, a small iron circle divided into three parts and hung on a rope across the racetrack, with the spear. The event lasts for three days and the winner is the one who manages to collect the most points.

Magic on the island of Bisevo

Bisevo is one of the most distant Croatian islands which hides many natural beauties at its small surface. It is rich with the beautiful beaches in the cove Porat and Mezoporat, ancient olive groves, vineyards and pine forests. Probably the greatest attraction on Bisevo is a magical Modra spilja (Blue Grotto) that is located on the eastern side of the island. The cave was opened to the public in the late 19th century and since then it counts the number of visitors. The cave has a natural entrance below the sea level through which sunlight reflects and illuminates the cave with silver blue paint. The cave is accessible through artificially created entry. During the summer, this unique phenomenon can be visited daily as many agencies organize trips to the Blue Cave, and to Bisevo you can go with the regular ferry boat from Komiza.

Dalmatian – a new low cost flights to Croatia

Croatia will, very soon, become even closer. In early July, first Croatian low cost airline Dalmatian starts with the flights. This news will make the journey lovers especially happy considering that they will be able to buy tickets at extremely low prices. Flights depart on July 1 and will initially connect Zagreb with as many as 11 European destinations to which they will fly several times a week, and those destinations are: Düsseldorf, Geneva, Hamburg, Larnaca, Milan, Prague, Rome, Sofia, Stuttgart, Warsaw and Zurich. Tickets are on sale from mid-June and can be purchased for 30 euros one way. If you still haven't, book your ticket and choose Croatia as a destination for summer vacation. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the Croatian capital, which is only a few hours drive from Istria and Dalmatia.

Stari Grad – the oldest town in Croatia

Stari Grad is the real gem of the island of Hvar. This small town, situated on the northern coast of the island, was founded by the Greek colonists from the island of Pharos in 384 BC. A stroll down the historic city core on paved narrow streets and small squares will take you to the ancient times. Among the many monuments that witness to its long history, Tvrdalj is certainly worth mentioning. It is a Renaissance villa, owned by poet Petar Hektorovic, with a beautiful pond and a garden with exotic plants. What makes Stari Grad special is the Stari Grad field which is, due to the exceptional value, included on UNESCO's list of World Heritage in 2008. If you find yourself in Stari Grad in August, you can attend the famous Faros marathon, international swimming marathon that is being held for forty years now or you can attend Faropis, the International Festival of Literature. You cannot leave the city without tasting the Starogrojski paprenjak (gingerbread), a beautiful dessert made of homemade honey and olive oil.

Elaphiti Islands - Gem of the Dubrovnik Riviera

On the western side of the magnificient Dubrovnik, Elaphiti islands, an archipelago that is mentioned in the first century under this name, are situated. If you want to feel the primordial atmosphere of the Mediterranean, do not miss a visit to the most famous islands of Sipan, Lopud and Kolocep. Before all, you will be left with the memories of fresh sea air, the colors and scents of lush Mediterranean vegetation, pine forests, citrus and olive trees which abound in all the islands, especially Sipan. Given the fact that the most of these islands are nearly uninhabited, you will find a number of quiet and hidden bays and beaches. One of the most famous is a sandy beach Sunj on Lopud.

Elaphiti islands hide a valuable cultural and historical heritage that witness to the rich history of the Dubrovnik Republic and its inhabitants. Art lovers will surely be amazed with many churches, monasteries and villas from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and for lovers of contemporary art, during the summer months on Lopud, Art Pavilion Your Black Horizon is open. The islands are daily connected by ferry to Dubrovnik.

Rafting on Cetina

Omis is an ideal destination if you want to have an active holiday. This small town, in the past known as the headquarters of the pirates, is located in the heart of Dalmatia, between Split and Makarska. It is an interesting combination of the sea, mountains and the rivers and that is what inspires many visitors who are returning to Omis. One of the most popular attractions near Omis is the rafting on the Cetina River. Many fans of extreme sports are happy to be engaged in this spectacular adventure on the river Cetina. Rafting, during which you will pass the rapid waterfalls and surely enjoy the scenic natural surroundings of the canyon of the river Cetina, lasts 3-4 hours, after which you can relax in Radman Mlinice, one of the most beautiful Croatian destination. Omis is also the most interesting place in Croatia for the lovers of a free climbing. Forty climbing trails, which are adapted for both beginners and advanced climbers, will surely make your active holiday in Omis unforgettable.

Wine roads on the peninsula Peljesac

This peninsula situated in southern Dalmatia is a paradise for wine lovers. Excellent climate conditions, plenty of sunshine and the quality of the soil create ideal conditions for the production of premium wine. The long tradition of wine production and a hard work have brought numerous international awards to a local winemakers so the local wines are on the wine lists of the world renowned restaurants. Peljesac is known for producing the best Croatian wine, Plavac Mali, which is obtained from the authentic grape variety.

Beautiful Peljesac wine road, along which there are numerous monuments, was built on the foundations of the old Napoleon road that is more than two hundred years old. Wine road tour will allow you to get familiar with the entire process of wine production. Winemakers will reveal the secrets of their wine cellars, show you their own vineyards and finally you will enjoy a tasting of their wines. Therefore, staying in Dalmatia is definitely worth for visiting this enogastronomic oasis. 

Croatia - homeland of the cravat

If you are looking for an original souvenir to remind you of your staying in Croatia, the tie is the right choice. The history of the tie is dating back to the 17th century in the period of the Thirty Years War, where Croatian soldiers, except for their combativeness, distinguished themselves with their traditional outfit that included a scarf tied around their necks in a special way. This original fashion accessory was immediately accepted at the French court, and soon conquered the rest of the Europe. Today, the tie is a symbol of elegance and an essential accessory for festive occasions and, therefore, a perfect souvenir or gift from Croatia for someone special. In the rich offer, you can find the ties with the motifs of Croatian cultural heritage such as the Glagolitic script and typical monumental ornaments from the Middle Ages as well as the Croatian coat of arms.

Spring break on the island of Hvar

This summer destination, favorite among the visitors from around the world, will not disappoint you if you visit in spring. Starting with April Hvar awakens from hibernation and offers its visitors a rich cultural and gastronomic offer. In April, you can get familiar with the island's religious practices by participating in the famous procession Za krizem (Following the Cross), that is on the UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage. May offers numerous cultural events. Days of Hvar Theatre, the first civic theater in Europe, are marked. The International Festival of Radio Plays is held and at the end of the month Hvar Summer Festival starts. It is the event that attracts numerous renowned classical and jazz musicians. May 10, on the occasion of the festivities of St. Prosper, you can taste and buy local gastronomic products. Staying in the historic setting of the town of Hvar, near the sea and beautiful nature, will surely make your spring breaks unforgettable.

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