Duce - Tourist guide

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Duce is a pitoresque village in Poljica, the area at the foot of the Mosor mountainous chain. It is situated some 3 km from Omis e 25 km from Split on the Adriatic road to Dubrovnik. Its fame Duce owns to the sand beaches stretching in the longitude of 4 km with the shallow depth which is a natural fenomena.

It belonged in the past to the famous Poljice Republic ruled by the Grand Duke according to the decrees of the Poljice Statute. Such a heritage has left an indelible imprint on that place which is proud of its preserved examples of popular rural architecture.

A great curiosity of the area are the old villages composed of the old stone houses, little alleys, walking paths, small squares, old churches, cemetries and church bells where actually are creating conditions for the rural tourism. At the foot of the Mosnjice mountain there is the old village of Duce.

The mountain massive covered with the pine forests, extending up to the beaches, makes Duce extraordinary beautifull. The green, rarities, clean air, mild climate and magnificent view over the sea and islands is the thing which would impress every visitor at the first sight.

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