Mali Losinj - Tourist guide

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Mali Losinj, whose origins date back to the 12th century, is the largest island city on the Adriatic. It will amaze you with its many churches and works of art, including special antique bronze statue of the Greek Apoxiomen, recently discovered in the Losinj sea depths, aged about 2000 years. Walking trail follows the coast of the island, passing bays through centuries-old pine woods, and connects Mali Losinj with Veli Losinj. Pay attention to its many old churches, a tower erected in the 15th century to defend it from the pirate attacks, then Rovenska fishing port with a beautiful beach, and a forest park and the famous climate health resort "Podjavori". Many sporting activities are available to you together with trips to nearby islands and organized fishing and diving trips. Look for an accommodation of different categories in hotels, hostels and private apartments.

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