Milna (Hvar) - Tourist guide

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Milna is a village and harbour on the southern coast of the western part of the island of Hvar, 4 km east of the town of Hvar. It is the youngest village on the island, developed some forty years ago by settling of the population from Malo Grablje, today numbering aproximately a hundred people. A local road connects the village with the town of Hvar.

The place is situated in a protected lovely bay with attractive beaches, divided by pine forest and one of which can be approached only from the sea. On the western part of the bay, there is is the baroque summer residence of the Ivanic family. Built in the 17th c on the foundations of an older structure from the 15th c it is the most beautiful summer residence on the island. It now houses an inn.

Milna is a village made of small family pensions, therefore if you look for a quiet and pleasant place to spend your vacations, far away from the city rush, stress and problems this is the right place for you. The harbour is protected from the bora and accepts smaller yachts.

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