Novi Vinodolski - Tourist guide

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Novi Vinodolski is situated on a steep hill overlooking the confluence of Suha Ricina, in the southeastern part of Vinodol valley. City of Novi Vinodolski consists of 20 settlements.
Novi Vinodolski is only 30 km from the airport on the island of Krk and 180 km from the airport in Zagreb. The vicinity of major highways makes it easy to reach from all over Europe.
Besides tourism, Novi Vinodolski is historically important because of Vinodolski Code, one of the most important documents from the Middle Ages (1288.g). Novi Vinodolski is ornamented with its old town, the remains of the monastery Paulina, Francopan castle with 4 towers, house of Mazuranic brothers and many more.
Besides an accommodation in hotels, tourist villages, campsites, apartments, rooms and villas, there is also a port with docks, and various sports and recreational facilities, pools and other amenities that will complement your holidays. The beaches are beautifully decorated, and among them Lisanj sandy beach surrounded by pine trees stands out and it is the most ideal for children and adults.

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