Orebic - Tourist guide

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Orebic lies on the Southwest coast of the peninsula of Peljesac, below the mountain of Sveti Ilija (961). It is the most popular tourist resort on the Peljeska Riviera. The greatest attraction of Orebic is a Franciscan Monastery with museum. Close to the monastery is the village of Karmen wich is the starting point of walking tours to the picturesque upper villages and one of the favourite ascents to the peak of Sveti -Ilija (St. Elias). The surroundings are ideal for walks and hiking, while the wine slopes in the interior are dotted with wine trails and wine cellars where you can taste or buy homemade Peljesac wine and "prosek" - a sweet liquor made from grapes. Orebic has also the Maritime Museum

The coast of Orebic is full of small sand and pebble beaches, the biggest being Trstenica, which is 1500 m long. For those looking for privacy there are numerous rocky bays with small beaches close to Orebic. The whole peninsula, covered with dense evergreen and Mediterranean vegetation, belongs to the warmest places on the Adriatic thanks to the many sunny days. Economy is based on farming, fruit growing, fishing and tourism. Orebic has ferry lines with Korcula, because it is its shortest way to the mainland.

There is a wide range of visitors’ facilities in Orebic like private and hotel accommodation, sports and recreational facilities, including tennis courts and football fields. Water sports are very popular here, like yachting, windsurfing, and there are sailing and surfing courses also. Orebic offers an outstanding gastronomic offer - primarily oysters and mussels bred in the area, as well as its wines Dingac and Postup.

Numerous traditional religious feasts take place in Orebic and the surroundings, the most notable being the feast day of Our Lady of Karmen (16th of July). Theatre tours are organized in the summer months, as well as other cultural events and entertainment programs.

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