Pag - Tourist guide

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The city of Pag is a center of the island. It developed in the midst of an interesting area, with towers and fortresses that guard the rich cultural heritage of its past. Pag is built in the 15th century on its current location. Until then, it had moved twice because of the danger from the Turks. In 1192 the church of St.Mary was built, which dominates the Old Town area today. One of the most significant events in history, has been getting the Bule of the king Bela IV. which the city of Pag had awarded with the status of free royal town in 1244.
The original salt manufacture by draining of the sea, which is brought in the small clay pools (saline), is still present on the island. These salt pools are not only an authentic relict of the past but also an interesting photographic motif. The town of Pag is also the town of needlework- the famous lace. Every lace is an unique item. The slow and demanding process of making them has been nourished through centuries and still lives in the streets of the old town.
The first hotel opens in 1968, and also the beaches, campsites and roads have been put in order, which began development of tourism in the city. The bay of Pag is surrounded by 20 gravel and sand beaches. The town of Pag gives an opportunity for quiet, but active holiday, suitable for families with children and those who like recreation.

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