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Podgora is a village and port in the Makarska littoral, 9 km southeast of Makarska, 70 km from Split. Podgora is situated at the very center of the Dalmatian coast at the beginning of the road to Vrgorac.

All the buildings of the importance were built after the departure of the Turcks after every danger of their return ceased. In the style of the late Baroque the Mrkusic family had built their summer residence which today rappresents a classicis chapel from the year of 1802. Also to the classicism belongs the parochial church of the All Saints in the Upper Podgora dating from 1764 certainly one of the most monumental buildings on the Riviera of Makarska.

At the cemetery we find the monument to Mihovil Pavlinovic, one of the most deserving individuals in the movement of Ilirirics, a work by Ivan Rendic. On an elevation above the port is a monumental monument representing the wings of a seagull, made in 1962. The new, modern-style church (in the shape of a ship) was erected on the coast after the earthquake in 1962.

With the construction of the first hotel in the 1922, named “Prague” starts the modern tourism however still in the early sixties Podgora is a little fishermen's village developing into the modern touristic place only with the construction of the Adriatic road. In Podgora there are almost 2000 beds in hotels and approximately 3600 in private accommodation. There is an auto-camp in Podgora located on the Sutikla promontory with 300 places under the olives for centuries old. Wherever accommodated you will be served by the hospitable hosts in the surrounding of mediterranean beauty.

Situated at the part of the Mediterranean of total ecological cleaness, here the sun sets in thousand colours, and mornings awake with the smells of the nature. The beaches are beautifull with nice white pebbles while thanks to the favourable sea current you can enjoy it from May to October, and choose your staying in any part of the year because of the mild climate.

National and internacional food and bererages you can taste in numerous restaurants, pizzerias or hotels' facilities. You can have fun in discos of caffés. During July and August you can participate in folklor performances or traditional Dalmatian songs every week. Celebration of the Saint Vincent, the protector of Podgora, is the traditional festivity which takes place on the first Sunday after the Great Virgin Mary (the 15th of August).

There are many sport's facilities in Podgora for your active vacation; for tennis, handball, basketball and bowling. On the sea you have skiing, surf, diving, sport's motor-boats drive. There is also mountain climbing, foto-safari and sport's hunting organized in the nearby park of nature Biokovo.

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