Rab - Tourist guide

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The town of Rab was a Roman settlement, which the emperor Octavian Augustus gave the status of the city and declared him municipium 10 years before Christ. The patron saint of the city is St. Cristoforus. The city has three beautiful city parks. The town of Rab, especially in summer, is the intersection of many top class cultural events. Musical evenings of Rab transform churches and squares into a stage, and narrow city streets turn into an exhibition gallery. Particularly interesting events in Rab are Rab summer festival and Fashion Week.
Rapska fjera is the most attractive summer event in the town of Rab. It is a three-day event that alives medieval history on the island . Thus, on the Rab squares and streets can be found medieval stonemasons, lace ladies, painters, musicians, Medari, handicraft, glagolithic writters and carpenters, blacksmiths, and florists.
In the tourist offer of the island a special stress should be put on many nice and unforgettable day trips to get to know the island and the surroundings. It is enough to take a walk down the waterfront where almost all the trip and excursion boats are and see the offer. One of the unique experience is the ride with a small taxi boats known Rab "barkajoli," which will take you on a tour to the beautiful little bays, to fjord Zavratnica and in the fishing in the company of Rab host.
For night life there is also a large number of small cafes, pubs, nightclubs, coctail bars located in the old town of Rab between the stone walls, squares and lounge area of the old city.

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