Rijeka - Tourist guide

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Rijeka is the capital of Kvarner Riviera and it is main and the busiest port in Croatia. Join the satisfaction of Rijeka citizens who wake up every day enjoying in the view on the Kvarner Bay. Enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate,and experience Corso-vein blood of the city liked by all its generations. Rijeka is the intersection of land and sea routes connected with the world by air, rail, ship and bus lines, so You do not have to worry about how to get to it. You should visit there its many museums, galleries, libraries, religious items and Astronomy Center Rijeka, churches, palaces, a theater, the remnants of Roman buildings, and more. Several hotels, lodging, camping and private accommodation are at the disposal for your accommodation. If you would like to stay longer, we recommend several hotels with quality service and a long tradition. Be sure to visit some of its restaurants and inns that will give you unforgettable pleasure of coastal cuisine, with exceptional quality wine. You can have fun in Rijeka in the nearby clubs, theaters, cinemas, and on several sports fields, depending on your affinities, and enjoy special atmosphere during the famous carnival in January and February.

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