Senj - Tourist guide

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Senj is a town and port in the Velebit Channel. It lies amphitheaterly on the edge of Senj cove at the foot of Velebit where strong wind blows. People of Senj are engaged in agriculture in its region, livestocking, fishing and tourism. Visitors who are interested in antiquities may take a short walk to the fortress Nehaj, or to the mountain village Krivi Put by car, where are the rich hunting grounds in the surrounding forests. You can visit the mausoleum of classicism from the 1848. situated in the cove of Senj. The most reliable accomodation for those who are keen on the beauties of Velebit Mountain, is the mountain home Zavizan (with 50 beds). Many entertainment events take place in Senj as well as winter carnival (in January and February), review of gangs (in July) and Senj summer carnival (in August). Search for an accommodation in hotel "Libra" or in private capacities.

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