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Trogir is a small pitoresue city 25 km, north from Split, 7 km from its airport. Its old center located on a small island between the main land to the north and the island of Ciovo to the south, has been continuously inhabited since prehistoric times.

Tragurion was established as a settlement by Greek colonists during the III and IV century B.C. All other cultures following them during the centuries (Romans, Croats, Venetians, French and Austrians) left their mark on the culture, architecture and art and even the Croatian language. Finally, at the end ot the XX century Trogir once again found itself as part of the independent state of Croatia.

Numerous precious works of art can be found here on building facades, sculptures in stone and wood, canvasses...some are of local masters and architects like maestro Radovan, Blaz Jurjev Trogiranin and Ivan Duknovic, and some are forigners such as Andrea Alessi and Niccol di Giovanni Fiorentino. Without doubts this is a town-museum of the medieval heritage. UNESCO recognized its values and included it in the registry of the world monument heritages.

From the medieval walls only the north door has been preserved, and in the south part the important segment of the walls conected with the south door, opening to the sea. There is the fortress of St. Nicola to the west of the door and loggia to the east which served as the shelter for those who were late after the closure of the city doors.

The Vitturi tower was errected east to loggia as the part of the feminine Benedictian monastery of St. Nicola. The big Kamerlengo castle stand out in the southwest clearing by the sea., constructed by the Venetians with the purpose as their garrison during the conquer of the city around 1450.

The central square of the city was formated in the Middle Ages at the place of the foro romano. The dominat building here is the cathedral of St. Lawrence. This church is exceptional for its relief on the main portal on the west facade, work by the master Radovan and his workshop in the 1240. In the 1460 the builder and the sculptor Andrija Alesi starts with the construction of the battistery in the north part of the porch, finished with the help of Nicola Fiorentino, another great builder and sculptor.

The communal palace was build in the beginning of the XIV century and limitates the east part of the square. There is the church of St. Sebastian here with the tower bell above it. Next to the civilian porch there is the small Preromanic basilic of St. Barbara.

The wider surroundings of Trogir (Trogir - Seget - Ciovo Riviera) is characterized by lavish green vegetation, numerous islands and islets, rocky and pebble beaches. Apart from the high quality accommodation - hotels, boarding houses, apartments, campsites, delicious domestic food, fish dishes in par-ticular, the sports and recreation offer includes many opportunities - tennis, boccia, bowling, jogging, surfing school, diving. Entertainment includes lively fishermen's nights and folklore show but also classical music concerts in special scenic sets of the town.

Trogir is a city of diverse turistic offer and it is very popular destination especially for boaters who can find all services in the excellent ACI Marina Ciovo. This city during summer thanks to the glamour of the anchored yachts and the centre affolated with tanned turists, looks like Nice on the French coast.

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