Ugljan - Tourist guide

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Ugljan is a town and small harbour on the north-eastern part of the island of Ugljan, 11 km to the northwest of Preko. It is connected to the mainland with frequent ferry lines Zadar-Preko. Economy of the place is based on farming, viniculture, olive growing, fruit growing, fishing and tourism. To the development of the tourism contributed beautifull and attractive beaches in the place itself. The island's most beautiful sandy beach is located only 2 km away in the bay of Muline. Ugljan lies on the regional road running along the island.

Remains of a prehistoric hill-fort have been found on Kuran, an elevation southeast of the village, while the ruins of a Roman villa have been excavated in the Batalaza cove in the village.There is the old Franciscan monastery from 1430 in Ugljan, which includes a Gothic church from 1447. Interesting Romanesque capitals are built in its cloister. The place is caracterized by several modest summer villas of noble families of Zadar. There are several restaurants that serve traditional specialties. Ugljan is the ideal place for a quiet family holiday.

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