Veli Losinj - Tourist guide

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Veli Losinj is situated in a cove on the southeastern part of the island, 3 km from Mali Losinj. The population is engaged in agriculture, livestock, fishing and tourism. With its almost 1,000 inhabitants it is the third largest town on the Cres-Losinj archipelago. Tall houses, numerous villas and towers can be seen in the center of the town. Once was bigger than Mali Losinj, but Mali Losinj surpassed it in size because of the location and marine development. There is a beautiful baroque church in the center of the town with a high tower of the Saint Anthony the Hermit. There is a tower with the coronation place from the 16th century on the opposite side, built to defend the harbor from invasions from the sea. There is a park in Veli Losinj, near the hospital, with about two hundred types of plants. Fishing atmosphere of Veli Losinj can be seen a little further from the center in the bay of Rovenska. There are little houses and restaurants there situated around a little harbor. Search for an accommodation in hotels, youth hostels, pensions and private apartments. Sanatorium in Veli Lošinj is involved in the treatment of respiratory diseases and skin, and in the town operates the Association for Research and protection of bottlenose dolphins.

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