Vrboska - Tourist guide

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Vrboska is a tourist destination and harbor in the central part of the northern coast of the island of Hvar. Located in a picturesque, deep cove surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and a forest of pine Vrboska has everything you need for a quiet family holiday. Its people mostly live of olive, fruit and wine growing, as well as of fishing and tourism.

Vrboska is a village with typical dalmatian stone houses and several Baroque and Reneissance buildings. The fortified church, which offers a wonderful view on the surroundings and the open sea, represents a unique monument. If in Vrboska, make sure to visit the Fishing Museum to find out more about Vrboska's long fishing tradition. It is also located very close to Starigrad, a bigger place and a ferry harbour and Jelsa is very close also, a picturesque town with nice park and beautiful beaches.

Vrboska has several hotels, numerous private rooms and apartments, fine restaurants and bars, as well as sports and recreation opportunities, which garantee you pleasant summer vacations. Apart from a harbor suitable to anchor small yachts, there is also a well-equipped marina for larger yachts in Vrboska. Cultural events and entertainment are organized during the tourist season.

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