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Sucuraj is a village and small harbour in the cove of the same name, on the eastern part of the island of Hvar. Regular ferry lines connects it with Drvenik. It is the most important port on this side of the island. Traffic goes on by road towards all the places on the island and to the mainland, and this has conditioned the development of the tourism. Chief occupations include farming, viniculture, olive growing, fishing, fish processing and tourism.

The continuity of cultures dating from Illyrian times is easily understood, because Sucuraj represents an important strategic and geographic position. The danger of attack by pirates from the Neretva valley in Turkish times led to the construction of rustic, closed to the street houses but open out in the rear. The houses are connected on the courtyard side by a series of arches. This type of building shows the defensive character of the town. During Venetian rule Sucuraj was at the point where three borders met; the Venetian, the Turkish and that of the state of Dubrovnik.

Shepherds' and fishermen's cottages were built there in the 16th century and were home to 150 inhabitants. The Augustinians built the monastery, today's parish courthouse. They were led by the Franciscans from the monastery in Zaostrog, who established two hospices with the chapels of St Anthony and St Cross. The fortification was erected by Venice in 1631. A picturesque square is in front of the Baroque church of St. Anthony. The church of St. Anthony contains a collection of fragments of stone architecture (lapidarium). Sucuraj got its name from the church of St. George which was recorded as early as in 1331. The new parish church of St. George dates from the end of the 19th c. The celebration of the patron saint takes place in April the 23rd, which is also the Municipal day. In the porch can be seen a grave inscription in Cyrillic letters which points to the continental descent of part of the inhabitants.

Between Gdinj, Bogomolje and Sucuraj, there are numerous attractive coves and beaches. Here are those which due to their natural attractions have been proclaimed protected natural areas: Mlaska, Krivodolac, Studenac, Divlja Vela, Divlja Mala, Gornja Didina, Donja Didina, Mala Mosevcica, Vela Mosevcica, on the northern coast, and Perna, Zidigova, Rasohatica, Slivanske Lucice, Prapatna, Martinovik, Arizisce on the southern.

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