Holiday in Croatia

Vaicanto Festival Zadar: Queenvention

Second edition of musical and entertainment event devoted to the legendary band The Queen: One and only Queen summer convention in Europe!   13th-30th July, Rector's palace: “80’s and still goin’” exhibition by Brian Rasic   28th July 9 am, Star of Kvarner: Queen boat trip to Sakarun beach   28th July 9 pm, Rector's palace: "Queen influence on contemporary pop culture" panel   29th July 9 pm Forum: Concert Queen Real Tribute & Michele Luppi (Whitesnake) After party Guma bar “Queen (didn’t) go to sleep”   27th-30th July Kornat & Bruschetta restaurants: Freddie’s daily menu

Oily fish month

The story of the fishing activity Crikvenice began long ago. Already in the 18th century fishermen from Crikvenica gained a reputation as skilled professionals, and many of them became world renowned fishermen and fishing equipment inventors. Crikvenica Tourist Board has developed a project called "Oily fish route", during which restaurants on the Riviera Crikvenica offer delicious, imaginative and various cuisine with oily fish. Why oily fish? Oily Fish was one of the most important ingredients in the traditional diet of our ancestors, who already recognized its exceptional value, nutrition and beneficial effect on health. Special offer of dishes in the promotional Oily fish month you can taste at a special price of 100 kuna in our restaurants

HAUSER Alone, Together from Arena Pula

Hauser announced his solo concert „Alone Together“ in the empty Arena of Pula. The concert will be held on Monday, April 27, at 7.00 p.m. (at 10am LA | 1pm NYC | 6pm UK | 7pm CET)   Stjepan Hauser, world famous cellist who is born in Pula, proudly announces his performance in empty Arena of Pula where he expects more audience than ever, virtually, since the streaming of the performance will be available on his official YouTube channel.   With this unique performance, our world-famous cellist will join musicians who support and dedicate their music to all the workers who fight against coronavirus daily and this is how Hauser will support the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.   The Arena of Pula, a thousand year old beauty, has special importance for Hauser because he played there several times in front of thousands of admirers and this is a good opportunity to show to the world audience the beauty of Arena, again.    

A music festival Aureafest Požega

The central event, the festival of all festivals, the week in which thousands of visitors pass through the heart of the Golden Valley, is certainly the Aureafest, which takes place 27 - 30 August.   Aureafest is truly a festival of the festival, because in numerous events, performances and various events, everyone can find something for their fun, pleasure and joy. The festival brings together everything that Slavonia has to offer.   In several locations, there is a festival of customs and cultural heritage, Children's and street festival, Urban music festival, Electronic music festival, Jazz festival, Wine and gastronomy festival, Popular music festival, Golden strings tamburitza festival of Slavonia.

Požega Cultural Summer

The Požega Cultural Summer offers Požega citizens and their guests a host of culturally entertaining content tailored to all ages and tastes, at several different locations in the city. The Požega Cultural Summer places particular emphasis on the affirmation and presentation of young Požega artists and other Požega citizens who are involved in culture and art. The streets of Požega are transformed into a summer stage where various music concerts, dance performances, exhibitions, literary meetings, movie screenings and sports and entertainment meetings take place.

Middsummer Day's Bonfire

On the first day of summer, every year on June 21st, the citizens light a bonfire. It is an old custom of Pozega, recorded as far back as 1739 in the Kempf monograph, which has continued its tradition to this day. Starry skies, fireworks and the bonfire of God light up the sky above Požega, bringing together the old and young in the city's main square.
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