From hilly Vučetinec, to wooded Brezje, Forestland has been on a journey towards the future, forest, freedom and art since 2013. From a friends desire to a project that crosses borders, several years have passed, and today the Forestland Festival is an event that brings together thousands of young people and music lovers of festivals and camping for 48 hours of music, good rhythm and interesting events.

XCM Petnja

XCM Petnja - MTB marathon in organisation with BK Festung club

Novogradiško glazbeno ljeto

Nova Gradiška's Musical Summer – The manifestation is held on the main city square and is divided into four theme evenings: rock music, tambura music, popular music and folk music.


Take a peek past the façades of the Old Town’s palaces and townhouses and explore the courtyards behind the gates. These magical hidden gems combined with music and artistic programmes and topped with gastronomic delights and beverages create a unique event in a charming setting.

Art Park Zagreb

Every summer one of Zagreb’s central parks transforms into a unique open-air gallery with good vibes and great atmosphere. You can enjoy the gallery in the open, take morning yoga classes, relax in a hammock, watch movies and listen to the music. A great place to chill out during the summer heat.

Projekt Ilica: Q'art

Closed for traffic - open to street life. “Ilica Wide Shut” is the theme of this spring’s Ilica Q’Art project. The longest street in the centre will close to traffic, and open only for art and culture, thus bringing colour and sound to the city through performances, concerts, workshops and street markets.
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