Holiday in Croatia

Island of Pag trail

The island of Pag is associated with the bora winds, fine cheese and savoury lamb. So the Pag Island Trail is an ideal opportunity to get to know Kolan, often called the cheese capital, and the culture and customs of the island of Pag. Unusually for an area with very harsh karst terrain, the territory of the Kolan Municipality offers a wide range of macadam trails and footpaths along the seashore (no need to worry about ‘off-road running’). During the race, the Kolan Municipality, as the organizer, will present its original products, culture and long-standing traditions at the refreshment stations and the finish-line. Learn why Pag cheese wins gold medals and what is so special about Pag’s sheep.? “The sheep on Pag move about freely inside broad fields bordered by stacked stone fences. Given the availability of certain plants (as opposed to other sheep which eat pretty much any plant), their milk is so highly-valued because it is not used to produce milk but rather cheese. This is the same reason why Pag lambs have an enchanting flavour, which you can experience yourself at the finish line. Whey, as a by-product of the cheese-making process, can also be sampled at the refreshment stations and finish-line, to the delight of all athletes for whom this product is a vital component of a sports diet.” The race will be opened by a surprise guest, and at its finish-line you will be treated to entertainment, with lunch prepared by the industrious natives of Kolan. Entertainment will also be carried throught the night with Crvena jabuka band. We will prepare a sale of local produce. Take the opportunity to socialize while participating in the race, and get to know and feel the island of Pag.


The 24th International Fair of Economy, Crafts and Agriculture Viroexpo 2019 will be held from 15 to 17 March in Virovitica. Along with President of the Republic of Croatia Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, the patron of the fair is the Government of the Republic of Croatia. Partner Country on the 24th Viroexpo Fair is the Republic of Slovenia, and the Partner County is the Split-Dalmatia County. 723 exhibitors from 29 countries featured on last year's fair. This year, with the same number of the countries from which the exhibitors will come, the fair will take place in a new location (Matije Gupca street 63-65) in the newly built fair hall. This trade fair has an important role to play in Virovitica-Podravina County, but also for the tourist offer of the continental part of Croatia.

WeMove Summer Camp

Imagine dancing on the beaches of a beautiful island with new friends from all parts of the globe… Imagine the best dance teachers helping you improve your technique. Now this is all possible. WeMove Dance Academy combines vacation with dancing. Each summer Island of Brač (Croatia, Europe) becomes home of experienced dancers and beginners, all eager to learn from the best. The camp aims at ballet and contemporary dancers, divided in groups according to their age and skills, trained by acclaimed dance teachers. The artistic director of the camp, prima-ballerina Almira Osmanović, will host some of the best dance teachers, like Regina Kaupuza (Head of the International Baltic Ballet Competition), Anton Bogov (soloist and principal dancer of Maribor Ballet), Gustavo Oliveira (an award winning principal dancer in the CPBC of Portugal) and Anna Maria Galeotti ( a lecturer in charge at the National Academy of Dance in Rome). Join WeMove Summer Camp from July 20th to August 3rd 2019 in Supetar, Island of Brač, and dance your summer away!


Kakasütés is an old Hungarian custom, it was renewed 2003. by local youngsters. It is organized by council, association, representatives of schools and kindergartens, which every year take care for a diverse and entertaining program. From the center of the village, in the early afternoon begins ceremonial Carnival parade of horse-drawn carriages with musicians and with wagon that contains a boiler (furnace?) and boat, symbolizing the warmth of home and escape from the flooding. The procession with the screams and the song moves through village streets, and the young man dressed as a rooster, come down from the cart and “dance” with girls and women who stand in front of houses and welcome the happy column. In return for the dance girls and women pay tribute to the young men with unusual gifts – chicken eggs (which are a symbol for the birth of new life) and spare change for the richer year. The masked “roosters” are entitled to catch anything that moves in the backyard, so hosts hide all poultry, and rather donate the”rooster”. In the middle of the village “roosters” select girls who have a bandage on their eyes. The girls have to strike a rooster head, and one that prosper in performance, according to tradition, the first shall marry. Earlier, in front of the girls were placed the real rooster, and today only a plush toy. Carnival would be unthinkable without the donuts, so vardarčanke on this day baked about 1.500 donuts. The event ends with the cultural – artistic program and entertainment until the early morning hours, and dinner, “Scarers stew (Iš paprikaš)” of “material”, the “roosters” gathered during the visit of the village with carnival parade.

Dalmatiner MTB Marathon

Husqvarna Adria Bike Series 2019 is heading south to sunny Dalmatia, to Vodice for MTB Marathon named Dalmatiner. This is a new race in 2019.  Vodice has been well known among mountain bikers for a long time. Well indented coastline, which in this part of Dalmatia doesn't descend to the sea as it does in other parts, has formed the landscape of scattered limestone hills covered with mostly low coniferous vegetation. The shore is here overflowed by paths, trakways and macadam. These macadam roads will lead you to olive trees, pastures, maybe even a vineyard.  There are no epic uphill and downhill paths, but you'll feel playful, going up and down all the time. That's why Vodice has a strong MTB scene. And it's full of champions.  And believe us - when you come to Vodice for a race, you'll feel like a part of the world MTB elite. There are three paths - Epic, Classic and Easy. Which one of them you'll ride you'll decide on race day.  The number of participants is limited, so you'd better rush to book your spot at the start line.

Helter Skelter MTB Marathon

We are proud to present a new race, HELTER SKELTER MTB MARATHON, for the opening of Husquvarna Adria Bike Series 2019 season.  The first edition of the race will be held in Rabac, a place settled on the east coast of Istria, in April when riding conditions are ideal. Rabac is located below Labin city, in the wide bay of Kvarner, and it has rough terrain, usually typical of islands. The paths are rising up and down like crazy, they will twist and turn until you lose all sense of orientation. After all these impossible turns, the final stage will take you through the bike skill park itself and its buckles, bends and drops. There is no other race like this one. It provides an adrenaline rush from start to finish. HELTER SKELTER. A race for those who live on two wheels.These are the paths - Epic, Classic and Easy.  Which one you'll ride, you'll decide on race day.
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