Holiday in Croatia

Christmas in Baška Voda

This year, for the first time, Baška Voda has its Christmas holiday programme in a Christmas wooden house in the centre: „Christmas in Baška Voda“ from 18th to 30th December organized by Baška Voda Municipality, Baška Voda Tourist Board and all Baška Voda Societies. The programme includes: live music every night (Detour, Kuzma&Shaka Zulu, Viva band and many others), gastro specialties made by Baška Voda Societies, children programme and some surprises. Welcome, experience the holiday spirit and magic and have fun!

Philharmonic Ball

Once again this year, on 30 December 2018, in a festive holiday spirit, with the whoop, „Everything is a waltz!“, Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra will inaugurate the PHILHARMONIC BALL! It is a musical, and a social event that demonstrates all the splendour of tradition (and the gowns) and pays homage to the musical genius of the Strauss family, with waltzes, polkas and quadrilles bringing the atmosphere of the Viennese court to life, in addition to classical elegance that has been a little bit forgotten. On this occasion, Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra will be conducted by maestro Ivan Hut, with solo performances by the most prominent young artists of our opera scene: soprano Ilijana Korać Teklić, baritone Leon Košavić and the indispensable Girls choir Zvjezdice whose young members’ voices make every special occasion even more “sparkling”. They say that nowhere are balls as romantically formal as in Vienna. They also say that during the winter in Vienna they have more than 450 such balls. Our Zagreb Philharmonic ball is one and only, unique, formal and romantic, inviting you to dance, to romance, as well as to socialise, it is the New Year’s Eve party before the New Year’s  Eve party. Dress up in formal clothes, ask for a dance, and “have a ball” in the rhythm of the waltz!

Christmas light - a completely different story

In memory of their namesake Ivan Bonifacije Pavletić, the Pavletić brothers, members of the Arteco association, in cooperation with the Oriovac Tourist Board have prepared an unusual Christmas exhibit and workshop of creating sculptures from grapevines. A Christmas light, the shooting star which announces the joyful even - the birth of Jesus Christ, was looked upon by both humans and animals. This biblical event is portaid by the brothers Pavletić by using biblical material such as olive branches and grapevines. Exhibition viewing time is during the day when you can take part in the workshop where you will create new works of art and during the night when the sculptures will shine the bright glow of thousands of Christmas lights. The Christmas exibit will be open from the 6th of December 2018.

Zagreb Winter Fairytale

This December come to the heart of Zagreb, to Hall V of the Technical Museum and enjoy four days (December 5 to 8) of beauty and luxury. The latest event adding to the appeal of the already beloved Zagreb Advent is FairYtale, a unique showcase of everything that is cool, beautiful and stylish in the world, set against the backdrop of the early winter fairy tale. If you are interested in any of the many facets of the luxury industry, you will find its latest and greatest at the fair, as well as all things – be it services or products – boasting excellence in every aspect. Feast your eyes on beauty and get inspired, meet new friends or business partners, or just enjoy the good Christmas vibe.


From 13-18 November the Zagreb Fair organizes the 41st edition of INTERLIBER, the favourite fair for all generations of book lovers.   Interliber is the largest literary event in Croatia and a platform for the promotion of books, writers, reading, science and knowledge that brings together over 300 most important publishers and booksellers from Croatia, the neighbouring countries and this year also from the faraway Russia and China.   The fair will feature new books, Croatian and foreign literary stars, professional gatherings, educational workshops, presentations of several literary awards, popular musicians…   At Interliber we wish to single out the Premium programme, the Science Quarter school, auction of old books, knowledge quiz shows. The World Education Fair is a novelty intended for all those wishing to get more information on education abroad.   The fair will be held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the Mayor of the City of Zagreb, Mr. Milan Bandić.   Admission to Interliber is free. 

Regatta Jabuka

The legendary offshore regatta takes yachtsmen along 110 miles enduring route Vodice - Jabuka - Vodice. The regatta is famous for the night start and mystical Jabuka, with characteristic strong wind and a long and exhausting race. Organization: JK Tijat - Vodice
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