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Istria is the biggest Croatian peninsula, and also of the whole Adriatic. Situated on the northern Adriatic, it occupies Croatian, Slovenian and Italian territory. The western coast of Istria is shallower and more indented, while the eastern side is steep and less populated. Istria is usually divided into three parts:
Red (West Coast)
White (slopes of Ucka and East)
Grey (Central)
The eastern coast of Istria, so-called Liburnija and western part of the Kvarner Bay were administratively separated from the rest of the Istrian part of Croatia since 1993., so Istria is now divided between two Counties: Istria and Kvarner. So the County of Istria covers most of the Istrian peninsula.
According to some sources the name Istria derives from the Illyrian tribe Histri, who lived in the area. Croatian (Cakavian), Italian and Slovenian languages mix on the area of Istria.
Blue and green peninsula, clean air and the sea, lots of sunshine, rich cultural heritage have attracted tourists in Istria for a long time. Beginning of modern tourism can be found in the early years of 19th century. Today's tourist Istria has various accommodation capacities and facilities, those on its coastal part, and those more and more popular in rural areas. Besides the already known stationary tourism which includes many hotels, tourist resorts, camps and private accommodation in Istria; something else is becoming more and more popular today. That is nautical, congress, sightseeing, hunting and fishing, agritourism, cultural, eno-gastronomic, sports and recreation, diving, equestrian, and ecological tourism.
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