Island Korcula - Tourist guide

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Korcula is an island in the central Dalmatian archipelago; the most populated one in Croatia although it is the sixth largest Adriatic island. Korcula, Lumbarda, Vela Luka, Raciste are major places on the coast, and Blato, Zrnovo, Smokvica, Cara and Pupnat in the interior of the island. They are all connected with the regional road and the ferry lines connect the island of Korcula with the mainland.

Its name derives from the Greek Corkyra Melaine – Black Korcula indicating the dark colour of the island, overgrown with pines and cypress trees. The island is largely covered with the Mediterranean flora and has a very mild Mediterranean climate. Most of the island is hilly, mostly not exceeding the height of several hundred metres. Korcula is very indented with a large number of bays and coves. It is separated from Peljesac peninsula by the channel, which is vary narrow.

The northwestern part of the island is dominated by the large village Blato with a series of valuable complexes of houses and citadels. Vela Luka is a town and port located in a deep bay on the westernmost side of the island. Today, it is an important tourist centre, known for its beautiful scenery even beyond the Croatian borders with its precious isles, numerous inlets and historic olive groves.

Korcula is a historical and tourist centre on the north-eastern coast of the island, situated on a small peninsula in the Peljesac Channel, connected with the island by a narrow isthmus. Korcula is famous for its outstanding cultural and historical heritage and a long tradition in seafaring, shipbuilding and stone-masonry. Moreska is the most important cultural event in Korcula. It is the traditional chivalrous game performed every year on the 29th of July.

Lumbarda is a picturesque place in the easternmost part of the island of Korcula, only 6 km southeast from the town of Korcula. This place is adorned with typical family houses (citadels), nice sand beaches and numerous islets and coves and it has a long tradition in adventurous "Robinson-style" tourism.

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