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The Adriatic coast is among the most tolerant naturism destinations in the world.
It is not surprising if one knows that the first nudist beach was the Paradise Beach on the Island Rab - opened in 1934. There are more than 30 official naturist facilities and beaches along with numerous unofficial (wild) nudist beaches and beaches where you can see together naked and clothed bathers. Adriatic coast with its 1000 islands is waiting for you to discover your own naturist beach.
Genuine naturists value beside swimming without any clothes on, balance between man and nature, and they prefer to stay outdoors, to enjoy sports and healthy food. So specialized naturist camps are particularly popular among nudists. They put Croatia in the European top, just behind France and Great Britain.
12 of them are currently open, and even six of them are in Istria. Koversada near Vrsar, the largest naturist resort in Europe, is among them. It is situated on 120 acres, with more than five thousand meters of the coast. The peak season event is certainly the traditional beauty contest for miss of nudism, which is organized every August on a sandy beach of the camp.
Besides Koversada, famous camps in Istria are Kanegra near Umag, Valalta at the entrance to Lim, Solaris and Olive near Poreč and camp on peninsula of Funtana. Several free beaches are opened near Rovinj, Poreč and Medulin.
The offer is also rich on the Kvarner islands, where are the famous beaches Baldarin and Kovačine on Cres, Vespera on Lošinj island and Kandarola on Rab island, where the British king Edward VIII opened the swimming season without clothes back in 1936. The same king became the first king who abdicated for the love to the American divorced citizen Wallis Simpson several months later.
Nudists on Pag can find its place under the sun in separate parts of the camps, Šimuni and Straško, while in Zadar region they can swim at the beach Punta Skala, and on the Petrčane peninsula.
Island Hvar has the best to offer out of all Middle Dalmatian islands. Beach on the small island Zečevo is available from Jelsa, while the town of Hvar offers connections all day long to the beaches Jerome, Stipanska, Mlin or a bit further Palmižana.
There is the famous beache Vrulja in the vicinity of Makarska (between Pisak and Brela), and Dračevac between Tučepi and Podgora. A part of the beach of St. Peter is also nudist, on the peninsula in the city. The most popular and beautiful beach is Nugal which is located near the town of Makarska. There is a naturists paradise on the west side of the island Korčula. There is the island Proizd in the vicinity of the city Vela Luka.
Dubrovnik area is known for its naturist resorts. Besides well known beaches in the area of Lapad, close to Babin Kuk and on Lokrum, the nearby islands Elafiti offer naturist places, like a part of the beach Šunj on Lopud and the northern part of Koločep near the village Donje Čelo. There ae also naturist beaches in Župa dubrovačka near the towns Plat and Mlini.
There are many other places along the coast that are not officially naturist, but the local people know that naturists use them. However, in spite of tolerance, Croatian National Tourist Board advises visitors not to be the first naturists on a beach, especially if it is near the village. There is no law that would define exactly what is nudist beach and which are its limits, so it is not uncommon to come across the clothed and nudists people at same places.

Kanegra - naturist camping and beach
Ulika - naturist center
Solaris - naturist center
Hotel Fortuna - naturist beach
Zelena Laguna - naturist beach
Sv. Nikola - naturist beach
naturist camping Istra - naturist camp
Koversada - naturist camp - camping
Valalta - naturist center
Polari - camp (partly for naturist)
Vestar - naturist beach
Villas Rubin - naturist beach
Crveni island - naturist beach
Sv. Katarina - naturist beach
Park - naturist beach
Kolone - naturist beach
Kazela - naturist camp
Premantura - naturist beach
Rabac - naturist beach
MOŠČENIČKA DRAGA - naturist beach
Kačjak - naturist beach
Zdovice - Valun - naturist beach
Kovacine - naturist beach
Baldarin - naturist camp
Njivice - naturist beach
Omišalj - naturist beach
Malinska - naturist beach
Politin - naturist camp
Punat - Konobe naturist camping
Baška - Bunculuka -naturist camping
Baška and Stara Baška - naturist beach
Dražica - naturist beach
Sunčana Uvala - naturist beach
Island Susak - naturist beach
Island Unije - naturist beach
Island Orijule - naturist beach
Kandarola - naturist beach
Maman - Supetarska Draga - naturist beach
Mirine Lopar - naturist beach
Sahara - naturist beach
Stolac - naturist beach
Ciganka - naturist beach
Novalja - Straško – nudist camp
Zrće - nudist beach
Sv. Duh - nudist beach
Šimuni - nudist beach
Pag - nudist beach
Punta Skala, Petrčane - nudist beach
Sovinje - island Pašman - naturist camping
Dugi Otok - nudist beach
Jelenica, island Ugljan - nudist beach
Rutnjak, island Iž - nudist beach
Kozarice, Pakoštane - nudist beach
Crvena Luka, Biograd - nudist beach
Sveta Katarina, Biograd - nudist beach
Sabunike and Zaton - nudist beach
Slanica - nudist beach
Cigradje - nudist beach
Jazina - nudist beach
Sveti Andrija - nudist beach
Smokvica - nudist beach
Plitka Punta Vodice - nudist beach
Tijasnica, Vodice - nudist beach
Island Prvić - nudist beach
Island Smokvica , Primošten - nudist beach
Medena Trogir - nudist beach
Ruskamen, Omiš - nudist beach
island Šolta - nudist beach
Paklina - near Bol - nudist beach
Mutnik - nudist beach
Punta - nudist beach
Island Jerolim - nudist beach
Stipanska Island Marinkovac - nudist beach
Palmižana Island Pakleni - nudist beach
Mlin - Island Pakleni - nudist beach
Vrboska - Nudist - nudist camp
island Zečevo blizu Jelsa/Vrboska - nudist beach
Zavala Sv. Nedjelja - nudist beach
FKK Camp Vrboska - naturist camp
Autocamp Mlaska - Sućuraj - partly nudist
island VIS
Komiža - nudist beach
Ruda - nudist beach
island KORČULA
Badija - nudist beach
island Proizd, Vela Luka - nudist beach
Velika and Mala Stupa - nudist beach
Lenga FKK - nudist beach
Vaja - nudist beach
Sv. Petar - nudist beach
Nugal, Tučepi - nudist beach
Baška Voda - nudist beach
Tučepi - nudist beach
Brela - nudist beach
Nimfa and Dole, Živogošće - nudist beach
Pelješac - nudist beach
Ostupa, Orebić - nudist beach
Trpanj - nudist beach
Prapratno, Ston - nudist beach
Grdni Do, Žuljana - nudist beach
Pričavac, Lovište - nudist beach
Lokrum - nudist beach
Hotel Palas - nudist beach
Sunj, island Lopud - nudist beach
Cava - nudist beach
Betirina - nudist beach
Supetar, Cavtat - nudist beach
Plat - nudist beach
Veliki pisland, Orašac - nudist beach
Osmine, Slano - nudist beach

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