Island Ugljan - Tourist guide

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Very diverse and rich Zadar archipelagus is arranged in front of the Zadar coastland in three rows. In the front row, relative to the coastland, are the islands of Ugljan and Pasman. The whole of Ugljan but especially the settlement of Preko, located directly opposite to Zadar, are a kind of city outskirts, places directly gravitating to their domicile city and very intensively connected by ferry boats. Chief occupations are farming, growing of vines and olives, fishing and tourism. All places on the island are connected by the regional road. The largest places on the island are Kali, Preko, the omonimus place Ugljan and the small touristic place Kukljica. The islands Ugljan and Pasman are connected with the big bridge over the Pasman channel.

The coast on the island offers attractive bathing possibilities. In front of the village of Preko are the islets of Osljak and Galovac. The most attractive location for tourists is a beach on the wooded island of Galovac, only 80 m from the centre of Preko. Kali is a typical Mediterranean village and the largest place on all of the Zadar islands and one of the most popular fishermen's villages on the Adriatic. Its specific atmosphere is created by numerous fishermen's boats docked in the harbour. The traditional Kali Fishermen's Night is held in August. The natural beauties of the National park of the islands of Kornati and the Park of Nature Telascica situated very close to the island will amke your holidays unforgettable.

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