Riviera Sibenik - Tourist guide

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Before Krka descends to the level of the sea, it makes its way through the submerged Krast fields and winding canyon, and finally reaches the local seas of Sibenik harbour. Not only the natural beauty of the river itself and the numerous geomorphological phenomena characteristic for krast rivers as such but also its luxuriant and autochtonous vegetation and the rich fauna of the river, were decisive in proclaiming more than two thirds of the river Krka a national park.

Where the Krka is calmed at the bent of the large cataract, on its right bank lies the picturesque town of Skradin.

The town of Vodice today wholly orientated towards tourism got its name from the abundance of drinking water in its vicinity. It is first mentioned at the beginning of the 15th century. It defended itself from the Turkish danger by strong walls with anumber of towers of which the so-called Coric tower has been preserved.

To the Southeast of Sibenik, thirty kilometers down the Adriatic highway one reaches Primosten, a picturesque town built on a small island which during the Turkish menace was defended with a wall and towers and connected to the land by a moving bridge. Afterwards the bridge was replaced by an embankment.

Pirovac has to be mentioned on the Sibenik coastland. Its points of interests are the country-house complex of the Sibenik nobleman Draganic from the 16th century and the Gothic sarchophagus decorated with reliefs in the family chapel of the Draganic- Vrancic family in the village graveyard.

The Sibenik maritime area has the greatest number of islands of all regions on the Croatian coast of the Adriatic. The Kornati archipelago, the most indented and the most thickset island group on the Mediterranean, belongs to this zone. On a relatively small space the archipelago numbers 150 islands.

Because of the specificity of the landscape, it was necessary to protect this exceptional area from devastation and excessive exploitation by proclaiming it a national park in 1988. The area of Telascica on Dugi otok, in 1988, was also made a separate park of nature. Of the three rows of the Kornati islands, two are protected by the boarders of the national park and encompass 101 islands.

Of the Sibenik islands one must mention Murter with its four settlements, the home island of all of Kornati where in addition to olive growing, stock breeding and fishing, some of the best wooden boats are still today being built in Betina.

During the Reneissance period, the island Prvic was the site of a number of summer houses of Sibenik noblemen, including the famous inventor and linguist Faust Vrancic. Zlarin is renowned for its coral divers, Krapanj for its spongers. Zirje and Kaprije are the most distant islands of the Sibenik archipelago.

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