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Croatia - holidays, how to spend holidays in Croatia. Choose the destination for holidays and make reservations on-line. Check our offer of cities, towns, coves and islands through thousands of our photos!

Croatia-holidays, how to spend holidays in Croatia
There are many ways to spend holidays in Croatia. Most people come to enjoy being lazy on the beach under the hot sun, bath in the warm and clear water and rest from the stress at work. They enjoy with the partner, friends or family in walks along picturesque towns, drowned among the other numerous visitors. They buy an ice cream, visit restaurants at night, eat a dish of Mediterranean flavor. But Croatia has a lot more to offer. There is rich history that should be explored, coast and islands to sail around, places where you can have fun, natural beauties to see. Of course, it can not all be done in a few days so you'll have to visit Croatia many times. Maybe you'll get to like some specific location, city or an island, and you will become one of those people that return at the same place again and again and whom our people already find their own. Or you will strategically explore the coast in more arrivals. If you are young and want to have fun there are many places for you. You'll dance at after-beach parties in the late afternoon, but do not exagerate because long entertaining nights are waiting for you. Not all of the places have the night entertainment, and the rich history, so before starting your holiday debate with your companions which are your vacation priorities and carefully choose a place where to stay. When you plan your holidays keep in mind that most renters do not want to rent only for a night or two in high season. When you accomodate yourself in a certain place or in a city, you'll find the various possibilities of excursions and other attractions nearby. If you want peace and rest choose a smaller place, or just ask the staff of our agency for a piece of an advice. Of course, larger cities provide greater opportunities of cultural content and entertainment.

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