Baska Voda - Tourist guide

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Baska Voda is a town and harbour on the Makarska Riviera, 9,5km in the nordwest direction from the city of Makarska and 48 km from Split, situated at the foot of the Biokovo mountain massive.

In the past Baska Voda was the village of the fishermen and little farmers, commercians and sailsmen, but in the meantime it has grown up into the modern touristic place. The first tourist facility in Baska Voda was opened by Sikavica brothers in the thirties of the past century. It was hotel Slavija, which was in 1936 awarded with the gold medal from London for the confor, the cuisine and the good wines.

Main reasons for being Baska Voda the most popular destination in the central Dalmatia already for decades are before all it's natural characteristics; clean air, cristal like sea, white long pebble beaches, mild mediterranean climate and excellant geographic position.

Apart from all mentioned above Baska Voda offers attractive cultural and entertainment programmes, and we need to point out the festival of harmony-singing groups of the Makarska on St. Lawrence's Day (10th of August). Visitor' opportunities include various sports and recreational activities such as; tennis, handball, table tennis, miniature golf, fishing, hiking etc.) The evening and night hours in Baska Voda include various programs in bars, discoteques and summer terraces. A number of restaurants and inns offer local specialties.

Life in this area dates yet from the Bronze Age (1700-1500 B.C.), when on the location of near Bast and on Gradina hill had been formed fortificated habitation with long drymade fortification walls, with which these dwellings were surrounded. Not far away from Gradina a number of tombs from antique period have been found with so many objects in them.

Because of the danger from the Barbaric peoples, during 5th and 6th centuries many defence towers have been built. In the 7th century came Croats on this area. The population moves at the slopes of Biokovo. In the following century there were no traces of life in the area by the sea. Not before 12th century the population moves back on the coast and little by little new Baska Voda have been created.

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