Bobovisca - Tourist guide

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Bobovisca lies one kilometer from the sea, in the interior of the western side of the island of Brac 15 km east of the Supetar ferry port in the direction of Sutivan where the road branches off for Bobovisca. Bobovisca on the Sea, Bobovisca and Lozisca are three small settlements just north of Milna, make an encompassed unit with a beautiful fiord where is Bobovisca on the Sea as the sea access to the other two villages. Bobovisca on the Sea, in a sheltered deep cove, is protected from all winds by surrounding hills, so its small harbor is safe for smaller boats. Also, there is only half an hour by car from those three villages to the Brac International Airport.

The closest tourist destination is Milna and the closest swimming beach is one kilometer in the bay of Bobovisca. The inhabitants, some 60 of them in total, live off of olive and wine growing. Primarly Bobovisca on the Sea, and then Lozisca and Bobovisca offer private accommodation in friendly atmosphere. Besides walks around these villages, guests are recommended to visit Milna, the Blaca Monastery, the Brac Archeological Museum in Skrip, the Vidova Gora - the highest summit of the all Adriatic islands - 778 meters high over the sea - from which there is a splendid view on many islands. There are possibilities of renting boats and gondolas. Windsurfing, sailing and diving is also possible. In all these three villages everybody can participate in local bowling. If you are looking for a quiet holiday in private accommodation, Bobovisce is the right destination for you.

Archeological findings in neighbouring Vucja Luka testify about Greek settlements. There are also some Roman and Byzantine archeological finds in the bay. Numerous old quarries are sources of famous Brac stone from which was built also The White House in Washington, for example. On a hill above Bobovisca, family Marincevic-Gligo left in historical heritage the magnificent Renaissance manor-house.

All these settlements started to form around first castle, built by settlers Nazor from mainland Poljica at the beginning of the 19th century. At Lozisca there is s very beautiful Neoromanesque church-tower, the masterpiece of well known artist Ivan Rendic. After the World War II, Croatian poet Vladimir Nazor returned to his birthplace Bobovisca on the Sea, where he had built a small castle-belvedere with the nice view on the whole port and there he wrote many of his best poems

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