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Dubrovnik is a town and port of the southern Croatian coast. It is the economic, cultural, touristic and educational center of the broader region of southern Dalmatia. It lies at the foot of the limestone Srd Mount, in a valley enclosed to the south-west by the Lapad plateau and a smaller reef with the oldest part of Dubrovnik. Upon the construction of the port in the Gruz Bay, Gruz was gradually annexed to Dubrovnik and became an integral part of the town. Later on, Dubrovnik extended also to the Lapad peninsula, to lower parts of the Srd slopes and outside the town ramparts toward Zupa.

Dubrovnik is the city of a unique political and cultural history (the Dubrovnik Republic, the Statute from 1272), of world-famous cultural heritage and beauty (inscribed on the List of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO) and is one of the most attractive and famous cities of the Mediterranean.

Stradun is the centre of the town and its main street, connecting two opposite town gates: the Ploce Gate in the east and the Pile Gate in the west. The eastern expansion of Stradun is the square known as Luza. Surrounded by significant buildings, it offers today an ideal place for large city celebrations such as the holiday of the Dubrovnik patron saint , St. Vlaho which is on February 3rd, or the opening of the Dubrovnik Summer Games in July. The southern side of the square is closed off by the Baroque church of St. Vlaho. All important city sacral and laic buildings are situated in this area of the historc core of the town City town-hall, Dubrovnik theatre, building of the Main Guard, Orlando's column, Luza, City belfry, Sponza palace...

The most valuable museums to see are the Dubrovnik Museum in the Duke's Palace with its 15,500 exhibits of high historical and artistic value, the Maritime Museum which is situated in the fortress Sveti Ivan, the museum of the Franciscan monastery which keeps inventories of the old pharmacy, the museum of the Dominican monastery with valuable examples of Dubrovnik painting. Because of a magnificent view on the mediaeval Dubrovnik, a walk along the town ramparts is a must for each visitor. The walls around the city run continously for almost 2000 meters. It encircles the city as an irregular parallelogram on whose outstanding points stand especiallystrongfortresses(Minceta,Revelin,sv.Ivan,Bokar,Lovrijenac).

Dubrovnik is the city of an outstanding cultural and artistic life. The most important event in the cultural life of the city is the Dubrovnik Summer Festival (10th of July - 25th of August). It is a theatre and classical and folk music festival, included in the calendar of world festivals and as such one of the most famous cultural events in the world. Concerts and other performances take placeonopenstagesinthetown

The artistic life of Dubrovnik is characterized by numerous exhibitions taking place throughout the year. Very famous are also Dubrovnik carnival festivities, held ever since the early Middle Ages, when they were brought from the neighbouring Italy. Another important event is the Feast Day of St. Blaise, also the Day of Dubrovnik (3rd of February). The feast takes place for the whole week

The climate of Dubrovnik is characterized by warm and dry summers and mild winters. The vegetation is subtropical and extremely luxuriant (olives, almonds, citrus fruit, rosemary, laurel, holm oak, pine, stone pine, cypress). Southeast of the old part of the town is a tourist zone called Ploce (hotels and beaches), west of it is Lapad (sports facilities, hotels, beaches, walking trails), while northwest the port in the Gruz Bay was constructed, so Gruz was gradually annexed to Dubrovnik and became an integral part of the town. Later on, Dubrovnik extended also to the Lapad peninsula, to lower parts of the Srd slopes and outside the town ramparts toward Zupa. Economy is based on tourism and seafaring. The Dubrovnik airport is located in Cilipi.

A great number of Dubrovnik restaurants and taverns offer delicious specialities of local and international cuisine. Sports and recreational facilities include playgrounds, courts and requisites for all sports in the sea and on the ground, from tennis and table tennis to sailing and yachting. There are also several gyms and fitness centres with swimming pools, saunas, massage, aerobics,solarium,boxgyms,etc.

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