Lumbarda - Tourist guide

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Lumbarda is a picturesque place in the easternmost part of the island of Korcula, only 6 km southeast from the town of Korcula. Economy is based on farming, fishing, processing of stone and tourism. This place is adorned with typical family houses (citadels), nice sand beaches and numerous islets and coves and it has a long tradition in adventurous "Robinson-style" tourism.

Apart from quality accommodation facilities and sports and recreational opportunities, another major attractive characteristics is the beautiful natural environment of Lumbarda. The road up hill from the middle of the village through the avenue of mulberry trees (murve) leeds to Lumbardas fields with the finest vineyards consisting of reddish and yellowish soils, offering excellent conditions for viticulture. It gives the vines a unique base, and the tourists the most beautiful of sand beaches.

North of this path to the beaches, there is the Glavica Hill with the three aisled parish church of St. Rocco, and its white bell-tower, while south from the road there is Postrana. There the sculptor and painter Ivan Jurjevic Knez (born in 1920) sculpts and exhibits his works of art, and his statues and paintings depicting stories and fairy-tales from the life of Lumbarda peasant and fisherman Besides finds from the period of Greek colonization, there are remnants of the Roman villa rustica, and of the medieval churches and chapels. The fortified villas (kasteli) of the families Krsinic, Nobilo and Milina are exceptional examples of this kind of architecture.

Lumbarda is not only famous for its interesting historical heritage but also for its traditional culture. Folk songs, customs and dances have been cherished for ages. Famous feast is St. Roch's Day (Rocco's Day) on the 16th of August. Occasional entertainment and cultural programs are organized during the tourist season. The people of Lumbarda are wine-growers, olive-growers and fishermen. The gastronomic offer of Lumbarda is enormously rich. Fruit and vegetables, fresh and salted fish are a special treat at market in Korcula not to mention famous dalmatian prosciutto.

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