Lovran - Tourist guide

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Municipality of Lovran is situated on the eastern coast of Istria, in the Kvarner Bay. Lovran District covers an area of relatively steep slopes of the mountain Ucka, with the greenest and richest flora of all the mountains in the Adriatic. The best known and largest settlement is Lovran. Specific microclimate conditions make the Mediterranean vegetation of this area very rich. Together with high concentration of salt in the sea, this results in a rich plant and marine aerosol, which makes Lovran an area attractive for rest and treatment more than hundred years. The settlement Lovran was named after the laurel, which can be found in abundance in the village and surrounding area. In the early 20th century, a time when Lovran is becoming tourist medical center, the promenade was built in a length of 12 km connecting it with Volosko. Several hotel facilities have been built at the same time. They were satisfying all the criteria of high tourism with their accommodation capacities, facilities and tourist offer. The rich historical and cultural heritage, preserved nature and rich vegetation, and the hundred year old tradition,and built infrastructure, constitute a good basis for stable and steady tourism.

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