Medulin - Tourist guide

MEDULIN - Istria, Croatia: Choose the destination for holidays and make reservations on-line. Check our offer of cities, towns, coves and islands through thousands of our photos!

Medulin is located on the south side of Istria, about 8 miles east of Pula. Once a fishing village, now a modern tourist resort Medulin offers a dynamic and eventful vacation. Everything is focussed on tourism. Entertainment varies from disco clubs to dance terraces. Bijaca beach in Medulin is very unique. It is 1 km long and attracts families with young children. Nature lovers can choose a camp protected from the sun by the centuries-old pine trees. Naturists in Medulin who want to feel nature will be delighted. If you want more comfortable accommodations, there are a variety of family hotels or large ones by the sea. The climate is ideal for winter training, so football players and athletes mostly come here. Here in the place of the fishing tradition, discover the delights of local cuisine. If you would like an adventure, sail to one of the islands in Medulin archipelago Ceji, Levan or Bodulas. Do not miss to sea the old windmills by the sea and Vizula archaeological site with remains of Roman villas. Options are very colourful, so come and choose.

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