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The island of Murter is the largest island of Sibenik archipelago and the home island of all Kornati. The island is separated from the mainland by the narrow Murter channel and is connected to land with a bridge in a place called Tisno. There are four settlements on the island: Murter, Tisno, Jezera and Betina. Murter is the oldest settlement on the island Murter

The road that leads to Tisno and goes on connects it to the nearby Sibenik which is only 30km far from Murter. The settlement itself is situated in a fertile valley between Slanica and Hramina bay. Slanica is an idyllic sandy beach appreciated by the players of sand volleyball who play it in the shallow waters of the beach and Hramina bay offers a safe berth to smaller yachts as it is naturally protected from all winds.

Old writings show that in 1298 the settlement called Villa Magna i.e. Big village, counted 203 inhabitants. Number of inhabitants increased quickly after the refugees came there fleeing from the Turks. Particularly valuable archeological rests of the Roman settlement Collentum at the foot of the hill Gradina, testify the importance of the location in which Murter was built. St.Michael's church, restored in 1770, St.Rock's chapel on the hill above the place built in 1760 and the church of Our Lady of Gradina are the oldest churches in Murter. In 1866 in Murter was founded first Public library in Dalmatia.

Murter has almost ideal conditions for tourism: nice sunny beaches, quality accomodation and various services is only one part that makes Murter one of the most visited destinations in this region for years. The guests are offered thousand beds in private apartments, and particularly attractive offer of "Robinson tourism" on the nearby Kornati islands. Murter and its wider surroundings are inevitable stop for yachtsmen who can use 350 berths and 170 places on the marina's premises, service workshops and all the necessary facilities. If we add to this numerous restaurants and inns, possibility for sport and recreation both on land and sea as well as various cultural and entertainment events, we shall find enough reasons for choosing this location for the perfect summer holidays.

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