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Nin is a coastal town, 17 km northwest of Zadar. It developed on a low peninsula Zdrijac which was converted into an islet by a canal dug in the 14th century. It is connected with the mainland by small bridges. Economy is based on farming, growing of vines, olives and fruit, fishing and tourism.

Nin is the oldest Croatian royal town in which rulers and bishops had their seats from the 7th to the 10th centuries. It was known as Aenona in Roman time and had the forum, amphitheatre and aqueduct and it had an orderly network of streets and islets.

It was destroyed during the 7th century when the Avarian-Slav onslaught took place. In the early Middle Ages the settlement was renewed and from the 9th century this is where the court of Croatian rulers and the seat of the Croatian bishops was located. The most important, wholly preserved, monument from this period is the church of the Holly Cross, an edifice with a cross-like ground plan and with a cupola.

Nin is not only a historical town. It offers excellent opportunities for vacations and recreation. There are several sand lagoons around it with the sea temperature 2 o 3 degres higher than in the open sea. Because of the largest deposits of curative mud on the Adriatic the health tourism is also popular here. Its beaches and facilities in the modern tourist complex make it an attractive tourist destination.

Numerous restaurants and taverns offer domestic and international specialities. Beside that there are sport and recreational opportunities, sport's fishing and hunting. During the whole year you can see the works of the croatian famous painters in the “Viseslav” gallery. And the entertaining nights are held in the summer.

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