Opatija - Tourist guide

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Opatija is an elegant tourist destination, the center of the Riviera with the longest tradition in Croatian tourism. Its favorable geographical position, its warm Central European seas, lush vegetation and pleasant climate are the most important reasons for the origins and rapid development of tourism in the late 19th century. Built at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century, it is maintained in the harmony with nature. Beautiful parks, illuminated promenade 12 km long, well-kept beaches and fountains, make a framework for the villas and hotels that can accommodate 6000 guests a day. Considering the weather and the sea, the climate in Opatija is relaxing and refreshing. Old buildings and modern comfort, noisy entertainment facilities and quiet picnic areas make Opatija and its surroundings an attractive tourist destination in the intersection of each season. Part of Opatija's tourist attractions are the convention center, 11 indoor pools, wellness programs, casino, discotheques, a summer theater with 2000 seats, carnivals, festivals, opportunities for shorter trips to the nearby surrounding destinations or all day trips to the national parks of Plitvice Lakes or Risnjak, or even to Venice. Its numerous restaurants offer seafood specialities, vegetarian and meat menu.

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