Pakostane - Tourist guide

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Pakostane is a small tourist town, not far from Biograd, 35 km south of Zadar. It comprises an older part along the coast and a newer part along the main road. It is situated within a wide bay across the Kornati National Park, Croatia's boating paradise. Just offshore there are a number of romantic islets, suitable for underwater fishing, which actually protrect the harbour from winds.

In the village itself and the surrounding area there are several fine beaches shaded by pine trees and rich Mediterranean vegetation. Its Mediterranean atmosphere and proximity to the large centers of Zadar and Biograd, as is the sea that along with the encompassing island of Zadar's sea region, are reason enough to visit Pakostane.

Many traditional feasts and events are regularly organized starting with the Carnival, then 4o days after the Easter another feast Krizi, then the Minicipal day (30th of July) and in the first week of August there is the Summer festival. Pakostane summer evenings are filled with sounds of music and songs, irresistible odours from restaurants and taverns, dazedness with good wines and satisfied faces and smiles.

Between Pakostane and Biograd there are two significant tourist resorts. Crvena Luka is a big holiday village lying in a large red cove overgrown with dense Mediterranean scrub and pine woods, with attractive beaches and a well protected harbourfor sports-boats, various bathing facilities and water-skiing. There is also a club, known in the world as a special type of holiday resort which imitates the village atmosphere in “wild” nature, but a little embellished with modern conforts.

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