Pirovac - Tourist guide

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Pirovac is a village and harbour, 26 km northwest of Sibenik. It is located in the lowland dominated by the elevation of St. Mark. Arable land is largely under the vineyards and the broader coastal belt northwest of Pirovac is chiefly covered with forests. Near Pirovac is Prosika, a man made channel through which the superflous water of Lake Vrana flows off into the sea. The harbour is protected from all winds except the southerly ones; yachts drawing up to 2 m may dock along the pier. Chief occupations are farming, viticulture, shipping, fishing and tourism.

It was first mentioned in the 13th century. In the Middle Ages Pirovac was a possession of the Bribir counts. Sections of the fortifications built in the 16th century have survived, like the country-house complex of the Sibenik nobleman Draganic. The family chapel of the Draganic- Vrancic family contains a Gothic sarchophagus decorated with reliefs from 1447, in the village graveyard. The parish church of St. George from 1506 was restored in Baroque style in the 18th century.

Pirovac attracts many tourists due to beautiful beaches in the bays of Sitnica, Vrulje, Makirina and Vrilo, as well as the islet of Sustipanac, placed directly opposite of Pirovac, where many tourists go swimming, also interesting because of the ruins of a 16th century Franciscan monastery. Medicinal mud found in the area is nowadays used for thalassotherapy.

Traditional events include the singing contest, the First Voice of Pirovac and the Pirovac Night. Besides these happenings there are some other special occasions like the feast of St. George, patron saint of Pirovac (23rd of April) and the feast of Our Lady of Karmen (16th of April). About 20 restaurants in Pirovac have seafood fiestas on Saturday evenings in the summer time. Besides for families with children, Pirovac is also ideal for fishing enthusiasts because large sheat-fish, pike and carp can be caught on Vransko Lake nearby.

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