Porec - Tourist guide

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Porec is a town located on the west coast of the Istrian Peninsula. The city is almost 2000 years old and it is located in the port protected from the sea by the island of Saint Nicolas. The mild climate, without oppressive summer heat, the landscape rich in Mediterranean vegetation, olive groves and vineyards, crystal-clear sea, beautiful beaches and friendly hosts are the reasons to choose Porec for your vacation. Porec is indisputable capital of Croatian tourism from 1970-ies. It offers thirty hotels, 13 campsites, a nudist camp, 16 apartment complexes, villas, bungalows and family homes for your accommodation . This is an amazing number considering the size of the city. Tourists swim mostly outside the city, while in the evening they come to attack the old city, and the services offered by shops, restaurants, discos and bars, as well as numerous galleries. Sports infrastructure is also well developed and used throughout the year. There are defensive walls in the city which were built from 12th to 19th century. Visit Marafor - Roman square with two temples, take a look at the Romanesque houses and Venetian Gothic palace, a Franciscan church dating from the 13th century, and Euphrasius basilica from the 5th century, the most valuable and most important cultural monument of Porec which was protected as a monument of world heritage by UNESCO in 1997.

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