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Postira is a well-known tourist destination on the northern coast of the central Dalmatian island of Brac that is connected to the mainland by daily ferry lines from Split to Supetar from which a regional roads 9 km long leads to the village or from Makarska to Sumartin from which the main island road leads to Praznice and from there a local road takes you to Pucisca and Postira. Due to its favorable location, Postira developed into a harbor and fishing settlement. Guests will be served homegrown food and excellent wines produced in the fertile surrounding fields

Postira was first mentioned in the 14th century although its name derives from the latin word partura. Below the parish church of St. John the Baptist were discovered the walls of a church and a baptistery from the paleocristian period. There are some paintings by artists from the Venetian school inside the church. In the fortified Gospodnetic house there is the Baroque doorway and coat-of-arms. In the Postira's harbour there is the whole series of the tall stone buildings belonging to the rich owners of Brac, between which we distinguish distingue Renaissance palace Lazanic in which the poet Vladimir Nazor was born.

Postira is beautiful in all seasons. In January flourish the almond-trees, and after the carneval when the north winds in March clear the air and the sea. Then the vineyards and fig trees become green. And the sage heather and the broom profume the atmosphere. During the summer time bays and beaches are so alive because of the variety of the happenings and the merry people. While crickets perform their well-known songs some smells of spit and grill exhale in the air. Also during the low season the place is vivid with the songs of pickers in the nearby nineyards, orchards and famous olive plantations. Also the winter time has its charm because of the folk's Chistmas habits and those long evenings around the fireplace where the oak pieces of wood make the bones frozen for the cold wind warmer.

The shore is well indented, there are numerous bays with pebble and rocky beaches surrounded by pine trees and the cliffs by the sea are mostly pleasant for walking. You can take organized trips to the surrounding places Dol, Splitska, Skrip, Pucisca and Praznice or to the tourist destinations Supetar and Sutivan. Along with organized excursions, you can also enjoy the events of the Cultural Summer Festival that has been taking place for decades. You can find accommodation in hotels and private apartments, ideal for a quiet family holiday. Gastronomic offer includes fish, home-made specialities and famous local wines. Sports enthusiasts have boccia, basketball and tennis courts at their disposal, while water sports equipment can be rented in the place itself. The traditional cultural and entertainment event, the Postira Summer, comprises the feast days of St. John the Baptist, patron saint of the parish (24th of June), Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (16th of July) and the Assumption (15th of August).

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