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Pucisca is a place and harbor on the northern coast of the central Dalmatian island of Brac that is connected to the mainland by daily ferry lines from Makarska and Split. 32 km to the east on the island's main road. Economy is based on farming, growing of vines and olives, fishing and tourism. Together with Supetar it represents the biggest town on this island, caracterised by typical Mediterranean qualities.

This place developed on stone, because of stone and it was constructed from stone. The place is known for its stone-carving tradition, while stone from the quarries nearby Punta, Veselje and Kupinovo has been used in the White House in Washington. In Pucisca worked stone-carving masters of the fame like Juraj Dalmatinac, Andrija Alesi, Nikola Firentinac. The beauty of Pucisc is timeless. In this place of the sun, stone and salt there is undoubtful hjarmony between stone and tourism.

The most monumental sacral monument is the parish church of St. Jerolimo. The remains of the older settlement had been found around the church of St. Steven by the cemetery, that is the pagan altar and roman grave star. Sv. Juraj church with Romanesque and Gothic elements represents the simbol of the protection of the place. Out of the laic monuments stands out the Renaissance fortress of the Zuvetic family which together with the monuments alike has storical and architectonic value. The Cultural Summer of Pucisca presents numerous cultural manifestations like concerts of the classic, pop and jazz music, male harmony groups presentations, expositions, theatral shows, seminars, books' promotions, litterature evenings and diverse sports manifestations. Actually the first public reading-room on the island was opened in Pucisca in 1868.

It is popular with tourists because of the beautiful, sheltered bay in which you can find private and hotel accommodation. You can find many restaurants of the quality here, and taverns also, numerous caffès, pizzerias, ice-cream shops... There are pebble and stone beaches, located in many small bays, where anyone can find his own solitary intimate space. Visitors may enjoy bathing, water sports, yachting and windsurfing. Many cultural and entertainment events take place during summer in Pucisca and its surroundings. Pucisca is ideal for a pleasant holiday with family and friends. Very pictoresque are also the surrounding places like Praznice, Postira, Sumartin and Povlja but don't miss to visit tourist center Bol and the beach Zlatni rat.

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