Sali - Tourist guide

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Sali is a small town and harbour in the cove bearing the same name, on the north-eastern coast of the island of Dugi Otok. It was named after the former saltworks and first mentioned under that name in 1105. Economy is based on farming, growing of vines, olives and fruit, fishing, fish processing and tourism. Sali is located on the regional road running along the island; ferry lines with Zadar. Yachts may dock in the outer part of the harbour; during north-easterlywinds in the cove of Sasica, northwest of Sali.

The parish church of the Assumption of Mary was built on the location of an early mediaeval church (remains of fragments with "pleter" - interlacery ornaments); the entrance with the -Gothic vault is a part of the church built by Master Juraj Lukacevic in 1465. The altar part was built in 1584 (Glagolitic inscription above the door). The monumental main altar (17th c.) features a Baroque palla with a subsequently attached early Renaissance representation of Our Lady with Child from the 15th century (originally a part of the polyptych; The Dead Christ, to the right of the altar, also belongs to it), attributed to Juraj Culinovic. The church of St. Roch (Rocco) was first mentioned in 1644 (extended in 1855). - Residential architecture is very well represented by the Rancic house in Renaissance style, two Renaissance houses (formerly Gverini) with the remains of a large park, and the Petricioli house in Baroque style (17th c.).

The most attractive event is the Summer in Sali, related to the religious feast of the Assumption of Our Lady (15th of August). The famous "Saljske uzance", held within the Summer in Sali, is a performance representing the rich local folklore tradition, which attracts hundreds of boaters with large and small yachts. Other tourist attractions include the donkey race, a very funny and cheerful event, and the procession of illuminated boats.

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