Scedro (Island Scedro) - Tourist guide

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Scedro is an uninhabited islet of wild beauty situated 2,700 m off the coast, south of Zavala, a village on the island of Hvar. It has two deep and well sheltered harbours which played an important role in Adriatic shipping history due to their protective qualities (stedri in old Slavonic means charitable; hence the name Scedro). According to the Statute of 1331, the island was communal property and reserved for general pasturing.

The islet offers pleasant walks, good swimming and beautiful views, especially on its western side (lovely view of Hvar's high mountain ridge especially at sunset). Scedro's highest point is 110 m above sea level. The climate is milder than in Hvar and, due to night dew, grain crops used to be grown here in old times (see a plough from Scedro in the Ethnographical Museum in Stari Grad).

It was overgrown with woods for centuries. The pine woods to the east are very attractive. There is still visible an old quarry at Stare Stine, while gypsum was picked up on the island to adorn the Baroque chapels of the cathedral. The islet's historical monuments include well preserved Illyrian tumuli of imposing dimensions and the remains of a Dominican monastery and church of St. Mary of Charity (from the island's name) from 1465

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