Slano - Tourist guide

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Slano is a village and small harbour in the bay of the same name, 37 km northwest from Dubrovnik, the greatest Croatian tourist attraction. Economy is based on farming, viniculture, olive and fruit growing, tobacco and herbs, fishing and tourism. It is situated in a bay which is a protected port and shelter during bad weather, where yachts can anchor.

The area of Slano was populated already in the prehistoric period and in the ancient times what testify the remnants of Illyrian settlements, ruins of hill-fort and tumuli on the nearby hills, A Roman castrum on the hill Gradina, early Cristian sarcophagi. In 1399 Slano fell under the rule of the Dubrovnik Republic.

The parish church of St. Blaise from 1407 was reconstructed in the Baroque period. There are some Baroque and Renaisance buildings in the village. Slano tries to develops quality tourist facilities.

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