Srednje Selo - Tourist guide

SREDNJE SELO - Island Solta, Croatia: Choose the destination for holidays and make reservations on-line. Check our offer of cities, towns, coves and islands through thousands of our photos!

Srednje Selo was built on the slopes of the northern edge of Sridnje polje, on the island of Solta, just 2 km from the coast. It could be reached starting from Grohote towards the western part of the island. People mostly live of agriculture, sea and in nearby coves of fishing. The village as a settlement was mentioned for the first time in 1535. Srednje Selo is a typical village of this area. With its local architecture, it represents ideal setting for those who want to feel rural tourism. It has a very good location because it is protected from the north winds and it is oriented toward the south with the highest exposure to the sun and mistral from the southwest.

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