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Stobrec is a town in central Dalmatia, 6 km southeast of Split,on the main road to Makarska e Dubrovnik, The economy is based on farming, wine production, fruit growing, vegetable and tourism. The coastal region west of the town is characterized by precipices.

It was founded and named Epetion by the Greek colonists from the the island of Vis (Issa) as early as the 3rd C. BC on the site of an older Illyrian settlement. The most impressive evidence of the existence of the ancient Epetion is the remains of a Greek wall in the north of the peninsula. This wall represents a rare example of the city fortifications in this area dating back to the centuries BC.

The introduction of Christiamty marked a new era in the history of Epetion. This period saw the building of a late fifth-century basilica of which the remains are still visible in the very centre of the town. It was dedicated to St. Lawrence, a Roman martyr, after whom the town was named.

The present - day Stobrec, with the population of 4000, sprawling to the mainland is surrounded by the sea. It is a part of Split metropolitan area and 7 km far Diocletian's Palaca is within easy reach as well.

A large number of restaurants display a varied choice of the traditional Dalmatian cuisine and beverages. Water-oriented activities in summer and the beaches to everyone's liking guarantee a memorable pastime. The cultural scene offers a bouquet of enteraining chices from fols festivals perfomances.

The large sand beach, numerous sunbathing plateaux, the clear sea and the quality of domestic food make Stobrec a pleasant summer resort. Entertainment can be found in nearby Split with its rich offer of cultural, sports and other events.

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