Stomorska - Tourist guide

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Stomorska is a village on the north-eastern coast of the island of Solta. It was found as a port to Gornje Selo, situated in a wonderful cove just opposite Split. Chief occupations are farming, seafaring, fishing and tourism. Ferry and catamaran lines connects it with Split and the island of Brac. The south of Solta has many beautiful coves: Livka, Travna, Stracinska, Grabova and Senjska. Solta is one of the smallest Croatian islands with the characteristic island spirit, full of story about ancient times and old island customs.

Stomorska have been built up on the coasts of deep bay, in harmonized architecture houses, castles, streets and steps. This port is always full of life .Sailing ships from Stomorska, alike hardworking peasants, rest in harbour, after a long day of hard work and sailing. And in the sunny shadows of riva, old islanders remember some of their past days, and seem to be resignated about the town’s every day motions.

The settlement started to develop from the beginning of the 18th century. The centre of religious tourism is the shrine of Our Lady of Stomorija or Our Lady in the Pines. Gornje Selo which is only 3 km away offers fine opportunities for rural tourism. The Gornja Krusica cove, east of Stomorska, is a weekend and summer resort. During the summer time, Stomorska along with Necujam, represents a center of the nightlife on the island. Stomorska has several fine restaurants, and recreation is linked to water sports opportunities.

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