Susak (Island Susak) - Tourist guide

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Susak is a small island in the Adriatic Sea, famous for its sandy coves, magnificent folk costumes and yellowish dust from which the island was made. It is this dust that makes it unique. Because of his scarce relationship with the mainland, and the lack of organized accommodation, Susak is far beyond the range of travel agencies' radars. The island has no roads, no cars, no noisy nightclubs, just miles of the dusty paths which pass accross grass cascades and connect the village with remote bays. Small number of people live on the island during the winter as the majority emigrated to America. Dialect they use is so different that even the residents of neighboring islands do not understand it. You can come to Susak by a catamaran from Rijeka and a local line from Mali Losinj. Visit the parish church of Sv. Nicholas from the 18th century, the Chapel of Our Lady of the Annunciation on the Art Cape over the bay Bok, then you should visit a lighthouse worked under the Austrian rule, winery, an old military observation post. There are several small restaurants here where you can taste the typical seafood and meat dishes. Search for an accommodation in private homes and apartments.

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