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Sutivan (Stivan) is a village and harbour in the extreme west of the northern coast of the island of Brac, 7 km west of Supetar ferry port that is connected to Split by daily ferry lines. Chief occupations are farming, wine production, olive growing, fishing and tourism. A local road that leads to Supetar connects it with all settlements on the island. Smaller yachts can berth in the port; large vessels anchor in front of the port.

Sutivan goes back to the 15th century and, apart from sacral monuments, has several interesting Renaissance houses and Baroque summer residences. The foundations of an early Christian church, built in the 6th century, within which the Renaissance parish church church of St. John was erected in 1579, have been preserved. The name Sutivan derives from St. Ivan. The church was later reconstructed in Baroque style with the belfry beside it. The church keeps an altarpiece featuring Our Lady of the Rosary, a 17th-century work of a central Italian school. The citadel of the Marjanovic Family (1777) rises on the coast, with a sun dial on its front. The Natali-Bozicevic House originates from the Renaissance period. The summer mansion with a park by the poet Jeronim Kavanjin dates from the Baroque period as well as the Ilic Park. The Definis house accommodates a collection of furniture and works of art from the beginning of the 19th century

Sutivan is a typical Mediterranean village. It is developing in a touristic destination for the family, sport's and recreational tourism. There are more than 2000 beds of the quality in the private houses and villas together with the dozen catering objects at your dipsposal. Sutivan offers complete gastronomic services in many restaurants, caffee-bars, disco-clubs, farmer`s houses, etc. where you can try homegrown food and wines of Brac There are also plenty of small shops. Because of the favourable conditions and various offer the guests can stay here during the whole year. Around Sutivan, in two microlimate zones, there are ten beautiful pebble beaches and cosy coves, while there is a sandy beach in the Livka bay nearby. The swimming areas in the village are very clean adjusted to all those looking for his peace. A park with a palm alley is situated at the end of the cove, on the former moorland and the coastal strip along the village has been forested with pines. That is why the evenings in Sutivan are great for pleasant walks. This village is surrounded by ordinated rich plantations of olive-groves, tangerines and other Mediterranean fruit and vegetables. Also, there are numerous sports playgrounds, trim paths and walks.

If you are looking for an active holiday, we recommend Cape of Gomilica, perfect for underwater fishing. Sutivan holds “Vanka regule”, a world-famous festival of the extreme sports. It takes place in July together with the boccia and football tournaments. The Park of Nature Sutivan is an exceptional country resort adopted for young and old. Includs the ZOO visit, recreational grounds for volleyball on sand, soccer, local boccia, basketball... There is a great resting place here with a fountain where grill food and beverages are offered.

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