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The island of Murter is the largest island of Sibenik archipelago and the home island of all Kornati. The island is separated from the mainland by the narrow Murter channel and is connected to land with a bridge in a place called Tisno. It is situated 29km northwest from Sibenik, on both: mainland and on the island of Murter side. It was named after the Croatian word Tisno which means strait, perfectly describing its location. It was first mentioned in 1474 during the Turkish invasion and during the war against the Venetians when numerous refugees fled here to seek shelter.

The bridge that connects Tisno with the island of Murter was built at the beginning of the 18th ct., and already in 1832 it was replaced by the new, drawbridge. From its cultural heritage we can point out the parish church of St.Spirit's from 1548 renewed in baroque style in 1640 and enlarged in 1840. The church tower was built in 1684 by the local architects. The church of Our Lady of Caravaggio is a votive church of the Italian family of Gelpis built at the beginning of the 18th ct.

Each year on May 26th, thousands of pilgrims come here from all over Dalmatia. But the oldest monument of the historical heritage is on the hill of Ivinj, not far from Tisno. It is a Romanesque church of St.Martin from the 13th ct., built on the remnants of the early Christian basilica.

Tisno has 1500 inhabitants and they are traditionally occupied by agriculture, wine growing, olive growing, fruit and vegetable growing while fishing was only a side job. The interest that visitors and tourists pay to this place is a chance for Tisno to develop in that direction. Besides the hotel and the camp sites, the guests can use 1300 beds in private rooms and apartments. There are all modern facilities in Tisno which is well connected with other regional centres and abounds in cultural and other entertaining events. Long beaches in the shade of the Mediterranean pines additionally guarantee a pleasant holiday

With its long and exceptionally beautiful coastline, including stunning bays and natural beaches, set against a pine forest, Tisno provides a magical vacation for its guests. One of the particulary charming things to do is to set sail in a small boat to one of the neighbouring isles. The natural beauty of the archipelago will impress all lovers of water sports.

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