Tucepi - Tourist guide

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Tucepi, situated in the littoral region of Makarska, 6 km southeast of Makarska, is the antique village with four millenniums of history, constructed at the place of a roman villa.

The first settlement continues to exist through the Middle Ages what can confirm fragments of furniture from an early Christian church excavated on the graveyard as well as several mediaeval tombstones and the church of St. George built at the end of the 11th century, distinguished by a mixed Romanesque and Gothic style. The present name Tucepi was first mentioned in 1434. The 18th-century noble families of Ivanisevic and Lucic-Pavlovic from Makarska had Baroque villas built by the sea.

Tucepi is today one modern tourist destination. It's capacities number 2000 beds in hotels and more than 4500 beds in private accommodation. Also there are several tens of restaurants, pubs, and other hotel's facilities with great offer of traditional food and beverages. There is a pebble beach in Tucepi 4 km long, which stretches along the alley for walk in total longitude.

There is a rich offer of the cultural and amusement programs offered through the organization of the “The summer evenings of Tucepi” when various spectacles take place. Following the marked paths to the nearby small villages, some 30 to 50 minutes of walk in the opposite direction of the sea you can enjoy calmness and sense the wise weight of the past centuries.

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